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Name of resource
Poster_verrückte Kindheit
Author details
Ministry of Health, Fonds Gesundes Österreich, HPE
Format - key words
Who is the audience/target group?
Young Carers
What is the main purpose of the resource?
Awareness raising
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What are the key slogans/messages of the resource?
"If Mums/Dads world in their head is going crazy, also my life is going crazy (No proper translation into Englisch possible). Do you know that too? You can find answers (information, experience, exchange and support) to your questions on A mental disease from mother or father often leads to big challenges for young people. Or do you question yourself if the behaviour of your parents could be a disease? Where do you get help? What can I do? How do others cope with a similar situation? What is a mental disease? You can find answers (informatioen, experience exchange and support) to your questions on"
Why was the resource developed?
to raise awareness and to offer support for affected children and teenagers