dwbs logoDiakonisches Werk Berlin Stadtmitte e.V. (DWBS) is a non-profit institution operating in the Berlin districts Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Mitte.
Its major task is to support people in emergency situation through a holistic approach and to promote social services in society.
Its operating focusses and topics are homelessness, children and families, elderly people and care, counseling, further education and refugees.
There are currently 30 projects run by DWBS in the different support sectors.

The representatives for the EPYC project in Berlin are connected to the department of informal carers with whom they share an expertise in the fields of caregiver support , counseling, intercultural social work and work with youth and families.

DWBS has been highly involved with regional and national activities on the issue of young carers.

Contact person:
Benjamin Salzmann,
Tel: +49 30 61107821

Address: Fachstelle für pflegende Angehörige, Südstern 8-10, 109631 Berlin Germany