During the project, the following outputs will be delivered:

1. Awareness Raising Resources. A set of awareness raising tools will be developed (including templates for leaflets, successful slogans, communication campaigns, etc.) for teachers, youth workers, healthcare professionals and other practitioners dealing with young people, to help them in identifying Young Carers and to educate the wider community on the issues Young Carers face.

2. Tools to assess the care burden and the impact of caring on the daily life of Young Carers and to support their empowerment process. A toolbox (including scales, questionnaires, self-assessment tools, etc.) for professionals aimed at assessing and support young carers will be developed.

3. Guidance report based on pilot projects to support young carers. A guidance report summarising the piloting experiences of the partners establishing a local young carer support project/initiative in each country will be published. It will include recommendations for actions on how to establish practical (peer) support for young carers. The aim is to put the tools created in Outputs 1 and 2 into practice by cooperating with school/ youth organisations.

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