Logo_Versari_MacrelliThe Professional Institute Versari Macrelli is based in Cesena, a town situated in the middle of Romagna, in Northern Italy.

The institute articulates its professional training in many areas: accounting, marketing, social services and graphic design.

It is characterized by a strong link with the economic, cultural and social realities of the territory. Its aim is to foster the studentsā€™ integration after the end of their school course. The majority of students live the typical discomfort of their adolescent condition, which in the most problematic cases appears through a lack of motivation and a low self-esteem.
Also for this reason the institute appears to be particularly attentive and sensitive to youth problems and to the phenomenon of early school leaving.

IPS Versari Macrelli

Contact person:

Alessandra Prati, alessandra.prati@libero.it
Tel: +39 320 2676134

Chiara Geminiani, chiara.geminiani@gmail.com

Address: via Giovanni Spadolini n. 111 Cesena Italy