News from the Austrian Young Carers Club

In September 2017 the ARC launched a “Young Carers Club” (for young people between 10 and 17 Years) in the regional Red Cross branch in Vienna. The club meetings take place every two weeks. The club is run by a 27 years old young carer herself, who has a lot of experience in working with children and is actually studying social pedagogy to become a social worker. So she makes a perfect link between personal and professional approach to the issue.

Up to now the club is still very small – and including only very young frequent visitors (from 8 to 12 years). We hope that when the club grows, they will more and more enjoy this opportunity to meet with “peer carers” and as well the given option to link their activities with other Red Cross Youth groups – thus getting a smooth access to general activities with “normal” youngsters, who are not in the situation of being involved in caring settings.

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